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Q1. How long can I borrow books?
You can usually borrow books for a period of one week and can renew the books if it is not reserved.

Q2. Can I get remote access to electronic resources?
Yes, You can get used Id and Password from Helpdesk of Library.

Q3. Do I still need to pay the late fee if I didnt receive a delivery remainder by mail?

Q4. How do I get a library card?
Once you join Pearl as a student,faculty or staff, you will be an automatic member of the library.

Q5. How can I suggest a purchase of the Library?
* Fill up the New Purchase Suggestion format and submit.
* Students can suggest Title to the faculty.

Q6. Can I donate books or other material to the library?
Yes. you can, it is our privilege to accept;for more information,contact Head librarian.

Q7. Can I buy books at the library?
No. but library staff can helps to arrange.

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