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Q1. How long can I borrow books?
You can usually borrow books for a period of one week and can renew the books if it is not reserved.

Q2. Can I get remote access to electronic resources?
Yes, You can get used Id and Password from Helpdesk of Library.

Q3. How much we will going to fines for books returned late?
It is important to ensure that the issued items are returned on or before the due date. An overdue charge @ Rs. 5 per day per book/periodical will be levied on late return for the first 7 calendar days and @ Rs.10 per calendar day thereafter.

Q4. How do I get a library card?
Once you join Pearl as a student, faculty or staff, you will be an automatic member of the library.

Q5. How can I suggest a purchase of the Library?
* Fill up the New Purchase Suggestion format and submit.
* Students can suggest Title to the faculty.

Q6. Can I donate books or other material to the library?
Yes.You can, it is our privilege to accept; for more information, contact librarian.

Q7. Can I buy books at the library?
No. but library staff can helps to arrange.

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