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Return and Loss of Books

It is important to ensure that the issued items are returned on or before the due date. An overdue charge @ Rs. 5 day per book/periodical/bound volumes will be levied on late return for the first 7 calendar days and @ Rs. 10 per calendar day thereafter. These overdue charges will be effective from 15th September 2015.

Two reminders will be sent to defaulting students through emails.

If student fails to return or loses any issued item within the semester/trimester (as the case may be), the student will be charged the current cost of the issued item along with the overdue charges, or asked to replace the same with the latest edition that is available in the market, along with the overdue charges. Till such time, the result/mark-sheet of such student will be withheld. Students can view their due books through email/library notice boards/web-OPAC.

Please note that any misuse of the Resource Centre and Library resources, such as causing damage, pilferage, etc., or noncompliance with Library/Resource Centre rules and regulations is a serious offence, and invites strict disciplinary action.

Loss of book: If a student loses a borrowed book, it is important to report the matter to the Library immediately.

CCTV cameras: The Library is fitted with CCTV cameras. In addition, members of the staff are vigilant to ensure the security of Library material, especially to see that Library material is not taken out illegitimately. Students/members are required to show all material, including bags and other receptacles, to the staff on duty, while going out.

Personal belongings:Students are required to deposit all personal belongings at the property counter outside the library entrance. They can carry only library books, notebooks, writing pads, and laptops (the laptop case should be deposited at the property counter) inside the Library.

Mobile phones:Use of mobile phones inside the Library is strictly prohibited. Mobile phones should be kept on silent mode

Drinks and eatables:Students are not permitted to bring any drink or eatables in the Library.

Silence:Students are expected to maintain silence in the Library.

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