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Services offered by the library

LENDING SERVICE: Students allowed to borrow two books and two bound volumes of periodicals at a time against the student ID Card. All loans with a loan period of 7 days or more may be renewed twice unless a hold or a recall has been placed.


Loan Period: Category


Reference Books

Students / Alumni / External members

7 days

1 day

Faculty / staff / institutional members

21 days

7 day

REFERENCE SERVICE: All resources in the Library viz. Reference books, current periodicals project report’s, audio-visual material, etc. are available for reference to its students and members. Library staff is always available to help students/members in location the right resource.

PHOTOCOPYING SERVICE: Students are welcome to get photocopies of any printed material available in the Library (subject to copyright restrictions) on payment of a nominal charge.

COLOUR SERVICE: Pantone Textile Color Specifier (paper edition) chips are available for purchase in the Library. However, the Pantone Textile Color Specifier (cotton edition) is available for reference only.

OLD ARCHIVES: Students can demand for old archives of Institutional Events such as Portfolio, Utsav, Convocation, etc.

PRESS CLIPPING SERVICE: News clippings relating to fashion industry, textiles, retailing etc., are available in the Library. Library staff scans all leading Indian newspapers regularly to update the same. Archived files of these clippings are a part of the Digital Library. Students are welcome to make use of these records.

RESERVATION SERVICE: If a book located in the Library catalogue, but is not readily available for borrowing / reference, students can make a reservation for the same by filling the reservation slip available at the Library counter. The student is informed once the book is returned / available

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